Marla was born in Desio located in Northern Italy on 30th January 1987.
Marla graduated in the artistic high school and afterwards studied for three years at the Academy of Performing Arts M.A.S. in Milan where she got her diploma.
During the years of the academy she began to work as a ballet dancer.After the accademy she graduated in Media Language at the Cattolica University of Milan and continued to study acting with different teachers, during the studies she began to work as an actress and performer in: theatre, italian tv and videos.
She continued her performing training at the Alvin Alley of New York and in Rome with acting coach Michael Margotta, member of the Actor’s studio of New York, with whom she studied the Stanislavskij-Strasberg method.
In 2014 she started working as assistant director at the Litta Theatre of Milan and as director at the Trastevere Theatre in Rome.On January of 2016 she founded I FIGLI DI MARLA performing art company based in Milan. She is working on a personal physical and emotional training method for the performers called Emotionaldance.