High Reactors

High Reactors is a performance investigating hypersensitivity.

The so-called High Reactors, clinically defined as HSP (highly sensitive people) are individuals highly susceptible both on a physical and psycho-emotional level. This performance has been created by analyzing in an organic way the various phases an hypersensitive person has to go through when he/she gets in touch with the sorrounding environment and the Other, moving towards an own centering. HR is based on several scientific essays written by the psychoterapist Rolf Sellin.

The audience is part of the play. The performance is designed to be as human and fragile as possible. For this reason the physical boundaries between performers and audience get subtler throughout time. Also the music and the sound design is made just by one single nude voice, creating sound layers and harmonies by just using a loop station and a delay pedal.

Concept,direction,choreography Marla Francis La Spada

Performed by I FIGLI DI MARLA

Live music Luca Nistler

Artistic residency Santarcangelo dei teatri

High Reactors and the environment

High Reactors individuals, thanks to their ability to embrace external stimulations, are able to develop a chameleonic nature and camouflage themselves into every type of environment, aiming to become part of its curved geometries; superimposing a weird sense of belonging, a nude feeling of exclusion and a gentle sense of inadequacy. Throughout the performance HR bodies evolve very slowly from a complete stillness (High Reactors as objects) into a gradual expansion of time-stream, from undetectable movements up till frenzy and spasm.

High Reactors and the other

The High Reactors gradually open up towards an instinctively stilted and hyper-fragile encounter with the Other, in a blank place where perception of time becomes obsessive repetition and love becomes a momentary short circuit of desire and fear. During this stage the brain of HRs produce several overlapping thoughts, an unintelligible noise slowly fading out in order to give room to nature sounds.The sound design background is made of overlapping words, an unintelligible thought-entity slowly fading out in order to give room to voice-made nature sounds.At this point the whole group of performers impersonate an animal. The only performer who remains an HR is the so called Yes Girl, who will find herself surrounded by unfiltered, instinctive and partly graceless energies. Given the reiteration and the increasing pace of the requests that the yes girl receives from the animal/performers, she will discover a way to react and not to be subjected to the others’ actions, by answering with the simplest words yes” or no”.

High Reactors

High Reactors

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